Website Re-vamp

Hey whats up,

So the fall semester is over and so is the class, MKTG 470, that I originally had built this website for. I’m in the process of basically re-creating this website to model my own version of a blog but also maintain a professional setting and something that I could show to potential employers.  Check back soon to see what I have updated.



Semester In Review: MKTG 470

When looking back, it seems that this semester has flown by for this particular JMU Marketing Major. For an assignment for my MKTG 470 class, we were asked to reflect on our experiences over the course of the semester.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics

As you can see on the chart to the right, my website had a huge spike in traffic on or around October 22. This was due to the fact that I posted links to my site on Facebook and Twitter to drive some traffic. It was highly effective. However, since I didn’t have much interesting/new/updated content on the site, I didn’t post links via social media sites later in the semester. Around 21% of my visitor pie chart was returning traffic, which I’m assuming is me and my blog post partner frequently checking the pages. However, 78% were new visitors, which seems promising as it seems I reached a fair number of people. I didn’t see much of an impact from SEO or PPC strategies, as the majority of people visiting my site was due to linking via social networking websites.

Webmaster Tools

One interesting tool we used is . On this page, I found out that for every 70 times my website was shown on Google’s search engine results page, my links were clicked less than 10 times. Unfortunately, this is because I didn’t keep up with my website as much as I would have liked to. That being said, this tool is really helpful to marketers because it shows things like The Search Queries Page, which lists the top search queries for which your site appeared in search results, as well as queries for which users actually clicked through to your site as well as the The Links to Your Site page provides details about pages on your site linked to from other sites, and more.

Overall Learning

I think that using Google AdWords was the most interesting and beneficial subject we discussed in class. AdWords utilization by marketers is ever growing, and should be highly useful in my career in the future. I also feel like AdWords comes easily to me, although that may just be because Professor Clarke is just a really good teacher.

Looking Towards the Future

This class really gave me some great insight as to what an internet marketer is all about. I really enjoyed learning about how drive, monitor and analyze traffic for a website and particularly enjoyed learning and using Google AdWords. In the future, I am hoping to pursue a career that involves internet marketing.

Thanks for a great semester! Check back next year to see what this JMU Marketing Major is up to.


Social Media Marketing: The Weapon of Choice for B2B

(source= )

For an assignment for my Strategic Internet Marketing class, we were asked to blog about anything as long as it pertained to social media marketing somehow. I found an interesting article from titled “Social Media Marketing Ranks As B2B Marketers’ Most Popular Tactic” by James Dohnert.

The article examines a list of the most popular social media/social networking websites that business to business marketers’ are frequently using. Coming out on top of the list is LinkedIn with 83% of marketers’ utilizing the worlds largest professional network. LinkedIn is followed by Twitter, Facebook and YouTube  with 80%, 80%, and 61% respectively.

One reason why LinkedIn is so high is probably because companies are using the site to post job openings and are trying to recruit prospective employees, where as Twitter and Facebook is more typically associated with business to consumer marketing.  However, it’s intriguing that LinkedIn had such a big jump from year to year- going from 71 to 83%.

I also was interested to see that Google+ had jumped from 13 to 39% as well as seeing Pinterest basically go from zero to 26% in a years time. Despite Google+’s slow start, it seems as if marketers are starting to hop on board just to cover all their bases. Pinterest, on the other hand, is (at least from my experience) dominated by female users. So I wondered if companies were using this as a specific way to target women.

The article does bring up one troubling issue; the fact that many B2B marketers (64% to be exact) say the hardest thing for them is finding and creating enough content to post on these websites. Apparently the demand for content is ever increasing, and many firms are bringing more and more social media marketers in-house to compensate.

That’s all for now. Take a look at the article and feel free to drop me a comment.


O’s, Hon!

“How ’bout dem O’s, hon?!” “Go to War Miss Agnes!” Come to my house when the Baltimore Orioles are on TV and this is what you’re likely to hear. I’m not sure why, but those are two of my dad’s favorite sayings and supposedly were popular in the city back in the 70′s when the Orioles had played in a few World Series.

Recently, my beloved hometown baseball team, the O’s, have been shocking the world and made the playoffs for the first time since 1997. To put this into perspective, the last time the Orioles were decent I was only six years old. And yet somehow I’m still an avid fan.  The past few months have been something that I’ll always remember. My dad even managed to get tickets for the playoff series this past weekend in Baltimore.

I told myself no matter what, I had to go back home and see a game. Fortunately,  the start of the American League Divisional round started on a Sunday night so I was able to go back for the game. I know I kind of sound like a nerd or a crazy fanatic but to me this was one of the most awesome and memorable experiences. It’s something I can tell my grand kids (hopefully they become Oriole fans haha).

So on Sunday night, October 6, 2012, the Orioles played the New York Yankees for my first ever playoff baseball game. 47,000 crazy O’s fans swinging their orange rally towels, rooting their team is a memory I’ll never forget.

Below is a picture my friend took of Oriole Park at Camden Yards that night.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Unfortunately, the O’s lost that night. It was a close game until the Yankees broke it open in the ninth inning. Regardless, I was happy I went back . I could tell my dad was pleased I was there with him, I guess it’s that sort of father-son bond that only we could experience. However, we were able to beat the hated Yanks the next day, and evened the series at one game a piece. Tonight, being back in Harrisonburg for school, I was able to watch the game on TBS. They played in New York and was a great pitching duel. Eventually going into extra innings, the O’s blew it, losing 3-2 on a walk-off home run. I’m hoping they can still pull it out, but regardless of what happens in the rest of the playoffs, it’s been one hell of a run. Go O’s.